Mens Group

The All Saints men’s group has been meeting for nearly 2 decades now and was created as a safe space for men to share views and thoughts on any topic that raises its head without fear of being labelled or judged.

We discuss local, national and international issues using scripture as our guide. We ask the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds to the truth of Gods word and we seek to understand his expectations for the world and how we should live our lives as witnesses of Jesus.

For many years we met once a month and then changed that to twice a month and in the last year have changed again to meeting weekly on a Sunday night at the church from 8 to 9:30pm.

We operate in an open forum and allow time for reflection and discussion on our individual past weeks activities. We have a bible study which we always relate to our current circumstances and finish our time together in prayer before heading out to face whatever the coming week will bring.

The Spirit is always present when 2 or more are meeting together so if only 2 men turn up on a Sunday night we still fellowship and talk. The most we have had on any one session is 8.

Men from All Saints, the Chenderit benefice and the wider Christian community are welcome to come along and share fellowship.