First Steps

First steps is a Wednesday afternoon meeting, 2-3pm in All Saints. It is aimed at 0-school age children, their parents and/or carers. It is an opportunity for Mums and toddlers to meet, make friends and support each other within a Christian ethos. The present leaders are Chris Wells and Kate Newall.

The sessions begin with action songs, followed by a bible themed story and prayer after which the children gather for a craft activity followed by free refreshments. We are most grateful to the (mostly) ladies who support our group – Evelyn Hutchinson, Kath Thomas, Sheila Kirby, Liz Keen and Sue Parmitter who serve refreshments and stand in for one or other of us if required.

Attendance has been good throughout 2016, reaching a peak of 12 children plus adults in the summer term. Numbers fell in the Autumn, when 3 regulars started school (although one mum Marie, returns regularly to help out). We are regularly supported by 6 families and have started to attract further recruits for Spring 2017.


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